Our mother or mother-in-law is a master knitter, She can make all sorts of beautiful creations, that we girls love!  A few years ago all of us sisters started getting into crochet.  It was fun for us to make little things here and there, although for 2 of us we couldn’t read a crochet pattern very easily and I think all of us loved the look of knit.  In 2010 we all decided we wanted to learn how to knit, we got quite ahead of ourselves and  bought pattern books and gave ourselves a lofty goal of creating a blanket made of everyone’s squares.  Each girl including our mother had to knit 12 squares to contribute to one blanket.  Not only did we just resolve to make one blanket, we decided we could make four of them!  We knew it was going to take years to make everyone a blanket, but that is what we decided.  I laugh to think that we assigned ourselves to knit 4 blankets before we even knew the basics of knitting. We went home excited to learn and get started.  My mother-in-law was great and didn’t let me forget about my goal, she got me started with my first set of Size 6 needles and loaded me up with tons of her scrap yarn!  She did this for each of us and taught us all the basics of knitting.  I think all of us are so grateful for the squares that we were obligated to knit, because in making these squares we truly developed a passion for knitting, and became great friends!

We didn’t coordinate colors or specify anything other than they needed to 7″ squares.  It isn’t a “pretty” blanket by all means, but is so much more to us!

If you are trying to get into knitting, the very best way to learn is through knitting small squares.  It helps you learn terms, and you get your finished result fairly quickly.

Picture from left to right is: Jada, Amy, and Sarah



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