Florida Knit Wrap

I live in a warm place but that doesn’t mean I don’t get cold. I love having something warm to take with me with I go inside. It’s always to cold in restaurants or stores!  This wrap was easy and so cute! I did this one with sugar’n cream yarn but I making one with Bernat handicrafter cotton and loving it! It’s so soft and beautiful. It doubles as a blanket when your little ones just need something soft to hold.




Lola Hat

This hat was a fun project for me.  This was my first hat that I wrote on my own.  I love how it turned out!  This hat is very easy and knits up pretty quickly.  My only word of advice is pay attention to where the purls are.  I kept getting into a grove of knit 1, purl 1 that I missed those purl stitches a few times and would have to back track to fix my mistakes.  Now I just can’t wait for colder weather to put this baby to use!  This fits me pretty good and is just slightly big on my little 4 year old.  Happy knitting!

Seed-Stitch Ear Warmer

After purchasing a pattern that didn’t turn out quite like I had pictured, I decided that I would attempt to create my vision.  I have to say that it was a bit challenging, but I ended up LOVING my finished product! Now I am just a little sad that I live in Arizona and it is 100° outside!  My ears will not need warming for quite a while!   This is a quick knit and would make a great gift to friends! Some of the stitches I might have just fabricated so if you have any questions leave a comment and I will do my best to explain.  *When you k1 and p1 in the same st just make sure you transition your yarn to the correct position for the appropriate stitch.  I watched a youtube video for the raspberry stitch to help me figure it out!  Here is a link to the full leaf pattern Happy knitting!