Easy Newborn Knit Hat

At my church this week we are making hats for the babies at the hospital. I put together this really simple pattern. It knits up really quick and I know it will look so sweet on a brand new baby.


All Squared Up

Here is a Square I came up with for our blanket.  I used US size 4 needles and came up with a 7 inch square.  The picture isn’t the greatest, but the yarn I used had sparkly tinsel running through it.  It turned out very nicely.  Happy knitting!

Florida Knit Wrap

I live in a warm place but that doesn’t mean I don’t get cold. I love having something warm to take with me with I go inside. It’s always to cold in restaurants or stores!  This wrap was easy and so cute! I did this one with sugar’n cream yarn but I making one with Bernat handicrafter cotton and loving it! It’s so soft and beautiful. It doubles as a blanket when your little ones just need something soft to hold.



Take Along Blankey

I love that my children are attached to blankets!  Especially when they are attached to the blanket their Grandma knit for them!  I knew that my little baby would be the same way with her blanket and I thought that it would be fun to have a little take along blankey that matched her full size one so that we could preserve the large one longer!  My 3rd child absolutely loves her blanket and it has taken a beating!  She brings that thing everywhere and whenever she gets hurt or feels sad, her blanket is always there to cheer her up.  Her blanket has held up amazingly well, but I thought it would be nice to have a small blanket for my last baby that we can just grab and go.  It wasn’t too much work so if I forget it or lose it, I would be sad, but it would not be as awful as losing her big one.

These make great gifts too.  I wish that mine was just a little bigger, mine measures about a 13″ square.  Also, I ironed mine after I was finished and it gave it a nice sheen, I don’t normally iron my knitting, but in this case I loved how it turned out. Happy knitting!