baby Leg Warmers

This is one of the first project I did. I really wanted to make little leg warmers but I didn’t feel confident in knitting with double pointed needles and honestly I hated knitted with double pointed needles. I finally talked myself up to it and went over to yarn shop to pick some yarn and get the needles I needed. The women there told me not to use double pointed needles but 2 circular needles. They all happened to be making projects at that very moment with 2 circular needles and I loved the idea. It took me a little while to get the feel and the hang of it. I loved it! The leg warmer knit up really quick. The magic loop is even better but I did this pattern with 2 circulars, you could use double pointed or the magic loop.

I was also opened up to the idea of self stripping yarn. Amazing! It was so fun, and so easy the yarn just does all the stripping work by it’s self and I loved how it look!