Newborn Ribbon Hat: Modified

This is my go to hat when I have a baby shower or a friend that is having a little girl!  I found this pattern on Ravelry, it was written for straight needles.  I have just slightly modified it to work  with  2 circulars, or the magic loop method.  Typically I used the two circular needles, but this time I thought that I would be adventurous and give the magic loop method a try!  I have to say that I am loving the magic loop.  The only thing that I am having trouble with (which I did with the 2 circulars also) is I keep losing track of which row I am on!  If you are not familiar with the magic loop method here is a link to a youtube video that helped me: Magic Loop Method   and if you are wanting to try the two circular needles you can check out this youtube video here: 2 Circular Needles.  I am in no way taking credit for this design.  Thank you to Ashley Britt for posting it on Ravelry!