All Squared Up

Here is a Square I came up with for our blanket.  I used US size 4 needles and came up with a 7 inch square.  The picture isn’t the greatest, but the yarn I used had sparkly tinsel running through it.  It turned out very nicely.  Happy knitting!

Entrelac Square

When I first started knitting (September of 2010) all the girls decided we would do squares to contribute to a large blanket.  I have talked about this here.  When I was a beginner even the easiest of patterns were a little challenging.  As I have gotten better and better I enjoy trying different techniques through my squares.  I saw some entrelac patterns on Ravelry and thought it was unique.  It wasn’t too difficult once I got the hang of it, but it did take some getting used to.  I watched planet purls videos for entrelac knitting and just followed her pattern starting off with 6 triangles on size 7 needles. This got me a 7″ square. If you are like me this looked pretty intimidating, but I am so happy I tried it! Here is the first video to get you started. Happy knitting!