My Little Paige is Knitting!

Paige made me sooo happy yesterday when she asked if I would teach her to knit.  I had heard a cute little rhyme that helps children learn to knit and I read in a book that kids can learn as young as 4 or 5 so I gave it a shot.  She totally gets the concept and does a great job!  I sit right next to her and let her do as much as possible on her own.  I am just there to help with mistakes and keep her on the right track.  She recognizes when she did something wrong and asks me to help her.  We are going at her pace and taking it slow.  I want knitting to be a great experience for her.  I am very impressed with her!

National Knit in Public Day

Well if you didn’t know it is National Knit in Public Day!  To find an event near you to join in the fun visit this website.  There are some great deals out there right now for yarn, patterns and needles so keep your eyes open!